Back Care Boot Camp Online

4 weeks to better back health.

Learn how to take control of your back pain!



Each session is divided into 7 sections:


Goals are listed at the beginning of each session. Read each goal carefully, and focus your energy on the most important elements of the session.


This is your opportunity to demonstrate the skills you've been practicing. Your therapist will drill you and make sure you're doing each skill correctly.


Read this section in detail. It will help you understand why your therapist wants you to practice a particular skill or do a specific exercise.


Take a few moments to answer the questions listed in this section. They form a summary of the information and skills within the session.

Answers for Review

Use this session to compare your answers from last session's Questions for Review.


The key points of the session are listed for a quick review and can be used as a refresher in the future.


These skills give you the nuts and bolts on how to take care of your back. Each skill includes a rationale, a description, a recommendation, and a list of possible concerns. Practice only the skills shown by your therapist. You'll be asked to demonstrate these skills at the next clinic visit.

This website is designed to be used during a treatment program for low back pain supervised by a health care provider. The information contained in this website is compiled from a variety of sources. It may not be complete or timely. It does not cover all diseases, physical conditions, ailments or treatments. This website does NOT take the place of working with a physical therapist or physician. This website should only be used in conjunction with a supervised physical therapy program. The information should NOT be used in place of an individual consultation, examination, or visit with your physician or other qualified health care provider. You should never disregard the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider because of any information you read in this website. If you have any health care questions, please consult your physician or other qualified healthcare provider promptly. Always consult with your physician or other qualified health care provider before you begin any new treatment.

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