The Most Exciting Online Casino Games

The Most Exciting Online Casino Games

Online Casino games are so popular because they are able to replica the thrill of real life casinos. The most popular games like Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, Progressive Jackpots and Craps can be found on any good Online Casino.

Online Casinos have provided a means for people to enter the exciting world of gambling without spending any immediate money. People now have a way of learning how to play games with their bonuses.

If you are new to the world of Online Casinos, please take the time to read our list of The Top Online Casino Games. This will provide you with a basic understanding of the different games on offer.


Slots are one of the easiest, most accessible Casino games of all time. People are drawn to slots because it requires no technical skills. It’s purely up to fate whether or not you’ll hit the jackpot. However, Online Slots have taken this traditional game to a whole new level. Sophisticated graphics and animation are just some of the reasons to try your luck at this game. You don’t have to choose the classic 3 Reels and 1 Pay Off Line to Play Slots Online. There are a number of intricate and exciting game options for you to choose from with an exciting range of games and themes.


Round and round it goes, where it will land, nobody knows! Roulette is, again, one of those games which is mostly up to fate. The black and red wheel has a series of numbers that run along the edge and the player has to toss a ball into the wheel while it is spinning. The player places a bet on a single number, a range of numbers or a color. Simply put, all you need to do is toss a ball and make a bet on where it will land.


While the concept of Blackjack is easy, there are a number of mathematical strategies around how to win the game. The concept behind Blackjack is that a player needs to beat the dealer without busting out. Players need to get a hand which is stronger than the dealer. The objective is not, contrary to popular belief, to hit 21.

Video Poker

Poker is one of the most popular card games. Each player is betting that their hand is the highest ranking. Each player in turn needs to either match the maximum bet or fold, losing the entire amount that was betted so far as well as any further interest in the hand. A player who matches the bet can increase the bet. The betting ends when all the players have either matched or folded. If only one player doesn’t fold, then that player collects the entire pot. If more than one player remains at the end of the game, the hands are revealed and the player with the winning hand takes the winnings.

Progressive Jackpots

A Progressive Jackpot can be found on game machines like Slots or Video Poker. The value of the jackpot increases for every game that is played on either a particular machine or a number of machines that are linked together. The more players play the game, the greater the jackpot grows.  The growth of the jackpot amount is determined by the casino.

Craps Whether you go to a European, Canadian or an Australian Casino, the Craps table will be the busiest game. People have always been drawn to the wild, exciting fun that is Craps. The Shooter makes a bet and rolls the dice 2 dice on the table. A combined number of 7 or 11 means that the player wins the same amount of money that he betted on. An unfortunate roll of 2, 3 or 12 means that the player loses his bet. A roll of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 will be considered a point number and the game goes on. The Shooter has to try and roll the same point number again.

In Conclusion

We hope that this basic guide helped you understand the basic differences of the Online Games available. Play well and have fun.